At Pentair Union Engineering we are all part of a unique and adventurous team. We go to work to change things for the better. Being curious, entrepreneurial, and dynamic characterizes our work atmosphere.


With tasks in HR and financial departments, I have broad contact and cooperation with several departments and colleagues. The informal tone, the good humor, and challenging tasks make the time fly by both places.

One of my main tasks is to introduce new colleagues to the Union Engineering spirit and let them feel like ‘members of the family. It is essential to me that everyone is comfortable in his or her new position. Being comfortable is essential and the best starting point to learn our spirit.

I can only say that I love taking care of this and it is one of my reasons to claim that I have one of the best jobs at Union Engineering.

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Design Department

I highly appreciate working for Union. It has a lot to do with the continuity there is between individual tasks and the close and inspiring teamwork.

We use our different professional skills and have a good collegiate spirit, with mutual respect and approval for each other’s work. I really like the way we can influence our own workday in the teams. I think it is a result of the equation that Union makes between freedom and responsibility and the combination of experience, innovation, and globalization within the company.

I am very happy about my professional work-life and I would love to be at Union for many years more.

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Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre is where the combined experience of more than 80 years of producing CO2 plants is collected and where new ideas for process solutions are hatched and developed.

Every source of CO2 has different impurities and at Union, we make sure that the design of our plants fits each specific source.

I have the responsibility of ensuring that our CO2 plants are designed to produce the amount and quality of CO2 required by our customers while making the plant as flexible, economical, and reliable as possible. I daily use my knowledge of thermodynamics and various unit operations such as distillation, heat exchange, adsorption, and catalysts to achieve this.

Sharing of knowledge is essential for the success of our projects and the knowledge center has close collaboration with the other departments, whether the project is in the sales phase, under construction, or in operation.

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Sales Department

Union is a truly international company with customers, sales organizations, and business partners spread all over the world. Most of the projects we are working on are outside Denmark and, accordingly, we are in daily contact with our global clients regarding international projects.

As head of the sales department in Industrial Gas, my organization is responsible for developing and selling the right solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

The CO2 process plants we are selling are all customized and among the largest plants in the world producing liquid CO2 to the highest quality standards within the food and beverage industry.

Working in an international environment is great satisfaction and challenge, and you will never experience that two days look the same.

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