Pentair Biogas Upgrading Solutions
Maximum methane yield for more cost-efficient energy

Curb greenhouse gas emissions

Curb greenhouse gas emissions

Transition to renewable energy   

Overcome Energy Market Volatility 

Overcome Energy Market Volatility 

With renewable energy source: Biomethane
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Generate New Revenue Sources

Generate New Revenue Sources

Through versatile by-product: bio- CO2
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Securing a sustainable future 

With global carbon emissions and energy market volatility rising, it is becoming vital to transition to renewable energy. 

Pentair is a leading global provider of sustainable solutions including biogas upgrading and carbon capture technologies. 

With 90 years of experience in CO2 equipment and recovery systems, you can rely on Pentair to help enable this transition.

Harness Your Biogas To Its Full Potential

Pentair Biogas Upgrading Solutions enables you to produce renewable natural gas: biomethane.

The resulting biomethane can be injected into the existing gas grid. It can also be used as renewable bio-CNG or bio-LNG to fuel your fleet of trucks.
In combination with Pentair CO2 Technology, you can gain an additional carbon intensity lowering revenue stream: bio-CO2.


Bio-LNG & Bio-CNG


Biomethane for gas grid 

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Pentair Biogas Upgrading Solutions - Maximum Methane Yield for Efficient Energy