Utilize your biogas to its full potential 

Pentair offers a comprehensive approach to upgrading biogas into biomethane and, with its two-in-one system, allows for CO2 recovery from the CO2 waste stream. 

Pentair Biogas Upgrading Solutions



Waste into value

With the Pentair CO2 recovery technology, retrieve the CO2 waste by-product and sell it to different industries as a raw material. It can be used for dry ice manufacturing or beverage carbonation, among other purposes.


Pentair membrane-based biogas upgrading requires no additional chemical or operation media. CH4 and CO2 separation is achieved at ambient temperatures, with the heat recovery process facilitated without the requirement of external heat. 

 System Uptime 

With a Pentair Service Level Agreement, benefit from peace of mind and high system uptime of your Pentair Biogas Upgrading plant.

How does it work?

The heart of the system is the membrane separation unit. The membrane separates the two major gas components: CH4 and CO2. The separation is accomplished through the pressure difference over the membrane surface.

The high-pressure biogas is fed into the membrane, and the CO2 passes through the membrane surface to the permeate, the low-pressure side, much faster than CH4.

The membranes are pressure-driven, so the higher the pressure, the more CO2 will pass through the membrane surface. The discharge from the membrane (the retentate) contains mainly CH4, as the CO2 has been pushed through the membrane surface. The CO2 rich gas will leave the membrane on the low-pressure side of the membrane (permeate).

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We proudly collaborate with partners to help us achieve end-to-end solutions for our customers. Through this collaboration, we convert a renewable energy source, biomethane, into useful: gas to grid, bio-LNG, bio-CNG, and bio-CO2.