Biogas Upgrading - Image 2

Pentair has extensive knowledge in membrane separation technology, specifically for the separation of CH4 and CO2. By partnering with us, benefit from our expertise as market leaders in membrane technology.


Pentair goes one step further by recovering the CO2 after the membrane separation unit. Our system recovers up to 100% of the CH4 by producing 100% liquid CO2 and sending impurities – including the CH4 – back to the membrane system.


Pentair Advanced Amine Technology captures carbon dioxide CO2 from gas streams. Monoethanolamine (MEA) is the primary amine that reacts with the CO2, which is then transferred to a stripping system. The gas released is a highly concentrated stream of up to 99% pure CO2.

Optical Absorption Spectroscopy

Pentair Haffmans BioSENSE measures the number of contaminants in your raw biogas. This, in turn, helps to ensure an improved biogas yield.