Pentair goes one step further by recovering the CO2 gas after the membrane separation unit. This system recovers 100 % of the CH4 by producing 100 % pure CO2 and sending all impurities – including the CH4 – back to the membrane system, instead of reducing CH4 emissions by burning the CO2 rich stream coming from the membrane system.

The portion of environmentally-harmful greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere is reduced to zero, which makes this technology a future-proof investment. This is especially significant with regards to EU Regulations for further reduction of global warming emissions.

As the produced CO2 complies with EIGA (European Industrial Gases Association) specifications, an additional option is to sell the liquefied CO2 to a third party. Pentair partners with a major industrial gas company and can assist plant operators.

Pentair recovers the CH4 slip from the membrane unit and provides the possibility to produce a second product - green CO2 - out of the natural biogas. The CO2 recovery system cost efficiently separates the CO2 from the gas stream, which allows 100 % recovery of CH4 and production of green CO2.

The system compresses, purifies, dehumidifies, and liquefies the CO2. When the CO2 gas is ejected to the atmosphere the liquid CO2 is re-used within the system to save energy. This results in a cost efficient separation of CH4 and CO2. When the CO2 is sold as liquid CO2 an extra cooling unit and a liquid CO2 storage tank is required. The addition of this system increases electric energy requirements, but gains a second product to cover these costs.

The CO2 produced in the recovery installation can reach high specifications for use in the beverage industry, greenhouses and food freezing applications. The CO2 recovery installation is an important advantage in a sustainable operation and a CH4 yield of 100 %.

  • No methane slip
  • No additional chemicals
  • No heat required
  • Compact, modular design
  • Easy to operate
  • Standardized containerized solutions
  • Green CO2 as profitable product

  • Dry ice
  • Welding gas
  • Greenhousess
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Food & Beverage production